Commercial Refrigeration Services Keep Your Products Fresh

Refrigerators, freezers and coolers are used in a variety of industries to store perishable items such as food, beverages and flowers. In addition to storing these items, they also protect delicate medical components in hospitals and research labs. Even the most minor problems with refrigeration equipment can result in significant losses in lost product and damages to your reputation with dissatisfied customers. This is why it is essential to schedule routine maintenance for your commercial refrigerators and freezers. A preventative maintenance company Commercial Refrigeration Services in Sydney can help you stay on top of your refrigerator service and reduce long-term repair costs.

Improve Your Energy Efficiency

Commercial refrigeration equipment is among the most energy-hungry pieces of equipment in your facility. A poor design or installation can make your refrigerator less efficient, resulting in higher utility bills throughout the year. A good commercial refrigeration Plano TX company will ensure that your equipment is properly designed and installed for your particular needs to maximize efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Performing simple commercial fridge maintenance can save your business thousands of dollars over the course of a year. Dirty coils, faulty door gaskets, and water leaks are all costly repairs that can be easily prevented with routine cleanings. A maintenance company can clean coils, replace worn hardware, and check temperature settings and defrost frequency to ensure your refrigerators and freezers are working at maximum capacity and consuming as little electricity as possible.

Minimize Your Risk of Injuries

Faulty or ill-maintained refrigeration units can lead to expensive damage and potentially serious health hazards for your staff. If a freezer isn’t working correctly, it can cause food to spoil and create safety issues such as water or ice puddles on the floor that can lead to slips and falls. A commercial refrigerator maintenance company will check for puddles and ensure the refrigeration unit is functioning properly to prevent accidents and potential lawsuits.

Prevent Food Loss

A commercial refrigeration system that isn’t operating properly can cost your business thousands of dollars in lost product. If your walk-in freezer or cooler isn’t maintaining the correct temperature, it can lead to food and drink going bad before you have a chance to sell it. A service technician will ensure that your freezer or refrigerator is running at the correct temperature, checking for things like a damper control that can be either manually or automatically operated to regulate the amount of cold air that enters the fridge.

Clean Your Ice Machine

Dirty ice machines can be difficult to use and can create a lot of noise. They can also create odors that are unappetizing for your customer and may even lead to mold. A professional will inspect your ice machine to make sure it is running as efficiently as possible, cleaning the water lines, bins, and dispensers regularly.

Regular inspections and cleanings can prevent emergency freezer repair costs and extend the lifespan of your refrigeration equipment. It is a great way to cut your energy bills and save money on food and repair costs.