A GDC panel has found that George Campbell orthodontist in London, has failed his patients. He is banned from practicing for nine months and has been included in the Who’s Who of Dentistry. He has received multiple complaints about his work from parents and patients and is a member of the British Orthodontic Society and the European Association of Orthodontists. However, the panel found that the allegations against him were unproven.

George Campbell orthodontist

There are many misconceptions about orthodontics, including the fact that the treatment is painful. This is not true, and in fact, many people believe in it. But a good orthodontist should be able to correct any problem. For instance, a doctor can work wonders for children and adults, so there’s no need to worry that children can’t be helped by it. Moreover, there are many benefits associated with this treatment for both men and women.

The professional conduct committee of the Scottish Dental Awards heard that Campbell did not check the qualifications of the orthodontic staff at his clinics. He also failed to provide adequate treatment plans to his patients. One of his patients had his teeth straightened, but he didn’t complete the treatment. In the meantime, his child has to undergo restorative treatment for the rest of his life. While the process was frustrating, the patient had a better chance of getting the smile of his dreams.

George Campbell has two practices in Glasgow, and other practices across Scotland. He failed to check the qualifications of his staff and was forced to suspend them. He has also failed to inspect the qualifications of his staff. He has been banned from practicing for nine months by the GDC, due to his incompetence. This decision is not surprising, given that his practices are now listed in Who’s Who of Dentistry. He is also the owner of the All 1 Smile chain.

Dr. George Campbell is an orthodontist who has six practices. His total income in the past year has topped PS2.1 million. He has been in practice for more than 30 years and has six practices across Scotland. A dental professional is required to pay their own salary and other costs. Nevertheless, a dentist’s income depends on several factors, including the location of their practice. In a typical Scotland, a dentist’s total income will be determined by their number of patients.

After earning his MSc in orthodontics, George Campbell completed his fellowship in the Royal College of Surgeons in Glasgow. He was born in Edinburgh and studied dentistry at the University of Glasgow. He then served in the British Army for three years and later opened a practice in East Kilbride. A short time later, he obtained his MOrth in orthodontics from the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.