Rats are a common pest that can cause significant damage to residential and commercial properties, as well as pose health hazards and distress. If you suspect rats are infesting your property, it is essential to seek professional rat control London immediately to protect yourself and your assets.

The old saying “you are never more than six feet from a rat in London” may be apocryphal, but the rodents do have a firm grip on the city. The abundance of water, old sewers, and dense urban structures provide a perfect habitat for rats, particularly the Brown Rat (Rattus norvegicus).

Rodents are also highly adaptable and reproduce rapidly. This means that even small infestations can quickly wreak havoc if left unchecked. The risk of rats contaminating water, food, and even spreading diseases such as Weil’s disease, cholera, and typhus makes them an undesirable and dangerous pest to have in urban areas.

While many factors can contribute to the presence of a rat problem in cities, pest control professionals play a key role in managing and controlling these unwanted guests. These pest specialists work to identify and seal off rat entry points, conduct targeted trapping and baiting programs, and implement preventive strategies. They also educate residents and businesses about proper waste management practices, sanitation procedures, and promptly reporting rat sightings to help minimize the impact of the pests on human populations.

Depending on the level of the infestation, your local rat exterminator will use different methods to treat the issue. They will typically start by blocking rat-sized holes and openings in the exterior of your property with expanding foam, sealants or wool wire. Then, your rat control expert will set traps at key locations inside your property. The traps will be monitored and refilled regularly in order to catch rats as they enter and exit your property.

If you prefer not to kill the rats, you can choose a non-poison approach instead. The rat exterminator will block all rodent-sized holes and openings using sealing materials to cut off indoor access. Once all rat entry points have been sealed, your pest controller will set up a number of bait stations around your property. The rats will be attracted to the bait and will die from poisoning within a short period of time.

After a thorough inspection, your local rat exterminator will provide you with detailed reports as well as expert proofing advice to help ensure that your property remains free from these troublesome creatures. The rat control services will be tailored to your specific needs and requirements, and you can rest assured that the treatment will be completed safely and effectively. For further information about our London rat extermination services, please get in touch today. We can supply you with a free quote, as well as further details about our rat removal methods and other services. We are a trusted pest control provider, and you can expect exceptional customer service and fast response times.