If you’re planning a trip to Moab, consider taking the train. It’s the first passenger train to arrive in the state from Canada. You’ll be able to view the ever-changing landscapes of the Rockies on the way to the town of Moab. It also offers comfortable accommodations, such as the Silverleaf Plus lounge car.

Rocky Mountaineer route from Moab to Denver

While it takes two days to take the Rocky Mountaineer route from Moab, Utah, to Denver, Colorado, the train journey is much shorter than the drive. Besides not having to worry about getting stuck in traffic or parking in the city, the train travels through the scenic landscape. It also saves travelers the hassle of planning specific routes, which can take up valuable time.

The train service will offer food and accommodations, with no parking fees or stop fees. Its preplanned routes eliminate the hassle of crowds, long lines and traffic. As the train travels through the landscape, passengers can enjoy the scenery without worrying about traffic, restroom lines, or parking fees.

Silverleaf Plus lounge car

If you’re looking for a luxurious train experience, then the Silverleaf Plus lounge car on the Moab train might be the right choice for you. With an outdoor viewing area, enhanced meal service, and premium alcohol, this train offers more than a standard train ride. Plus, the Silverleaf Plus lounge car is a great place to meet fellow travelers.

The Silverleaf Plus lounge car is an upgraded version of the SilverLeaf Service. Guests can relax in a separate, glass-domed coach, sip premium beverages, and enjoy an elevated dining experience. This option is available on select departures, and is ideal for families or groups of friends.

Colorado Rockies to Red Rocks route

The Rocky Mountaineer’s Rockies to Red Rocks route provides travelers with scenic train rides across the western United States. The train travels between Denver and Moab, Colorado, with some passengers choosing to take the train both ways. Passengers will experience the beauty of the Rockies from glass-domed coaches. TheĀ www.rockytrain.com/rocky-mountaineer-tours/denver-moab-rail train travels on a route that passes over the Colorado River, which is a highlight of the trip.

The two-day journey offers scenic landscapes and unique experiences to tourists. The route traverses along the Colorado River and a series of canyons with steep rock walls. During the trip, you’ll enjoy breathtaking views of the sweeping red rock peaks and deep canyons. You’ll also see the famous Mount Logan, Ruby Canyon, Book Cliffs, and Continental Divide.

Rocky Mountaineer route from Moab to Glenwood Springs route

The Rocky Mountaineer route from Moab, Utah to Glenwood Springs, Colorado takes you through the Colorado Rockies. The train has two round trips each week, stopping at Glenwood eight times in one season. The trip is eight hours long, and the passengers stay in various lodging facilities along the way. The route is planned to operate between April and October in 2022. Passengers can also take a free one-way ride during this period.

The Rocky Mountaineer is equipped with state-of-the-art air-filtration systems and extensive health screening protocols. A round-trip ticket costs USD $1,250 for two people, and includes a one-night hotel stay in Glenwood Springs. It will be operating from August to November for the rest of the year, and will be available for seven months in 2022.