If you are looking for a used school bus for sale in Alberta, Canada, you have come to the right place. Here you will find a number of models for sale, including the IC Bus and the Multi Use CE Series. Other options include the Dana Spicer and the Navistar Select.

IC Bus models

Maxim Truck & Trailer is an authorized IC Bus dealer with a wide variety of CE series models available. In addition to the CE series, Maxim also offers school buses and commercial buses made by Navistar and Meritor. The IC Bus CE series offers a traditional design and near-silent operation.

IC Bus Multi Use CE Series

IC Bus offers a wide variety of school buses, including the Multi Use CE Series school bus. ThisĀ thebuscentre.com/school-bus-sales-alberta model is the latest in school bus technology, and can carry up to 77 passengers. Its design makes it easy to drive and withstand daily use. It features the latest safety innovations, including the Leave No Student Behind safety system.

Dana Spicer

A Dana Spicer school bus for sale in Alberta offers a wide range of features. These vehicles are highly versatile and are also highly fuel efficient. These vehicles have a capacity of more than 140,000 pounds, making them ideal for long distance hauling. They feature an efficient drivetrain with high-speed helical gearing, which improves overall efficiency. In addition to that, they also have an efficient TM4 Sumo HP motor-inverter system, which is designed for use with multi-speed gearboxes.

IC Bus School CE Series

The IC Bus School CE Series offers a number of features that are a good fit for school buses. Among these features are its all-steel cage construction and Easy Tilt hood for easy access to the engine compartment. This bus also features threaded steel frame construction with interlocking roof bows, drip rail, and stringers. The body is also constructed with 16-gauge steel side sheets. In addition, the CE series comes with three levels of regenerative braking. This technology allows the bus to harness kinetic energy from braking, converting it into electricity.

Collins school bus

If you are in need of a school bus, you may want to look into a Collins Type A school bus for sale. These buses have been designed for the needs of schools and are built by the world’s leading manufacturer. These buses are available in a wide variety of models with varying seating capacities. They can seat 18 to 34 passengers and have four to six rows. They can also be customized to fit any school’s needs. If you’re looking for a used school bus, Rush Bus Centers in Ohio and Texas carry a great selection of Collins buses.

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