When you have been charged with a crime in Medicine Hat, you need the assistance of an experienced criminal lawyer. You need someone who can help you understand the charges against you, what the prosecution has to prove and how to get the best possible outcome in your case.

The criminal defence team at Niblock & Company is comprised of 3 well-known Medicine Hat lawyers who are passionate about their work, take your defence as seriously as you do and who never lose sight of the need to protect you. They have a great deal of experience with all kinds of criminal cases and are committed to making sure your case is given the best possible attention.


There are a number of factors to consider if you have been charged with a drug offence in Medicine Hat. For one, you have to remember that Medicine Hat is not a large city, so the court system is very different than a major centre like Calgary.

As such, it can be more difficult to get a trial date in Medicine Hat than in a larger city because of the overbooked court schedule and the fact that not all courts run on the same days each month. Thankfully, the prosecutors in Medicine Hat are often more willing to entertain an early resolution of the charges that is favourable to both parties.


Driving under theĀ Click here influence of alcohol is an extremely serious offence in Medicine Hat and it’s important to have a strong defence for this charge. It can have life-changing consequences and you need a skilled legal team to make sure the impact of this offence is kept to an absolute minimum.

Sexual Assault

Across Canada, sexual assault cases are some of the most serious of all types of crimes, and Medicine Hat is no exception. It’s critical to have experienced legal advice when you are accused of this offence as misunderstandings between the police and the prosecution can lead to very damaging outcomes for you.

Domestic Violence

In a rural community like Medicine Hat, domestic violence cases are handled by specialized courts that have a unique set of rules and procedures. Whether you are facing a charge of simple assault or something more severe, such as aggravated assault or robbery, the courts in Medicine Hat will take this charge very seriously and will be looking to impose a long term record on anyone found guilty of a domestic offence.

If you have been arrested or charged with a domestic offence in Medicine Hat, the first thing that you should do is call for a bail hearing. This is a critical time for the RCMP to be able to ensure that you are not being released to further harm yourself or others.

You can do this by contacting the police directly and asking for a bail hearing with the RCMP. In addition, the RCMP in Medicine Hat often have a separate policy on how they release people charged with this offence, so again, it’s vital to ask for the very first court date that you can secure if you want to avoid spending a lengthy period in custody while your case is being investigated.