In industries such as construction, maintenance, warehousing and more, workers often find themselves working at heights. Rather than climbing ladders or using scaffolding, mobile elevating work platforms (MEWP) like scissor lifts offer safe and secure access to elevated areas.

A scissor lift is a hydraulic, electric or gas-powered machine that features crossed supports that extend in a way resembling scissors to provide a platform for workers at elevated levels. Scissor lifts can be driven both indoors and outdoors, and their sturdy builds make them an excellent alternative to ladders for tackling tasks at elevated heights. They can also be used to move objects, allowing workers to transport materials to elevated locations.

To choose the best scissor lift rental for your needs, consider a few important details. First, determine how high you need to work. A scissor lift’s max platform height is a key factor to keep in mind as you compare options. Then, consider whether you’ll be using the lift for indoor or outdoor work and what type of terrain the job site will be on. Finally, decide if you need a self-propelled or towable scissor lift and if it will need to be operated with a driver’s license or certification.

Scissor lifts range in size from 16-60 feet, ensuring that you can find the right model for your job. Renting a lift that is too small or too large can add to your costs, as you’ll likely need to pay for additional fuel and maintenance. You should also consider the power source of your lift and if you need it to be powered by diesel, gasoline or propane.

When selecting a scissor lift, it’s essential to look for a model that is equipped with safety features to help prevent accidents. A few key safety measures include overload sensors, automatic pothole protection and tilt alarms. These safety features help maintain a safe working environment at elevated heights, making them an indispensable tool for many different industrial applications.

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If you need to reach higher heights than what a scissor lift can handle, consider renting a boom lift instead. These lifts have a max platform height of 34, 50 or 80 feet and can be self-propelled or towable, as well as being electric or diesel. They are ideal for a variety of jobs at height, from painting tricky architecture to conducting aircraft maintenance. To learn more about the available sizes and models of boom lifts, contact the team at Area Rental & Sales today!