When getting a tattoo, a nipple tattoo can be an interesting and aesthetically pleasing addition to the body. Many artists offer different types of nipple tattoos, so you’re sure to find one that suits your style. Several artists in Vancouver have experience tattooing nipples, including Art Godoy and Shaughnessy Keely. Check out their Instagram accounts for more inspiration.

Shaughnessy Keely

Vancouver tattoo artist Shaughnessy Keely has mastered the art of creating realistic nipple tattoos. She has worked in the body modification industry for almost a decade, and her expertise is evident in her work. She uses an innovative three-dimensional technique and uses shadows and highlights to create a bespoke piece of work. She carefully matches the colour of the areola to the freckles on her clients and to their memory of their own nipples.

Shaughnessy’s nipple tattoo is the result of several months of careful planning. She decided to get it done in Vancouver after receiving a breast cancer diagnosis in 2013. She underwent three surgeries for the disease, including a double mastectomy.

Art Godoy

Art Godoy is a Vancouver tattoo artist who has built a career on hyper-realistic designs. His work adorns thousands of living canvases around Vancouver. Although they are rarely seen by theĀ Vancouver nipple tattoo public, Godoy has tattooed hyper-realistic nipples on the chests of breast cancer survivors.

The nipple tattoo can help cancer survivors regain a sense of normalcy. The tattoo recreates the look of a nipple and restores pigment, dimension, and naturalness. Currently, the Vancouver artist is working on an ongoing project to help cancer survivors. One client is Victoria Ward, who is battling breast cancer in both breasts. She has already undergone a double mastectomy and is undergoing treatment until October.

Shaughnessy Otsuji

Artist Shaughnessy Otsuj, 28, has a unique style that has gained her worldwide acclaim. She aims to make people feel good about themselves and proud of their body art. Her work has been featured on a mug called Nips n Sips. She is currently finishing up the finishing touches on a cafe called Pinkavo, and she hopes to open her own studio in Los Angeles in 2020.

Inspired by her Japanese heritage, Otsuji has been tattooing people’s nipples in Vancouver for six years. She has a background in fine arts and tattooing, and she routinely receives referrals from surgeons. Her work has gained popularity thanks to social media sites like Instagram, which she uses to spread the word about her work.

Lina Anderson

Lina Anderson, a Vancouver tattoo artist, specializes in areola restoration for breast cancer patients. This tattoo gives patients a more natural look, and it was created specifically to make women feel more comfortable after undergoing a mastectomy. This unique method of re-creating the breast’s nipples is gaining popularity.